Sample Poems

For Dan and Janae
Now this is the story of Dan and Janae
Who met at The Old Oxford Blue
Where Dan had a date
With his old college mate
To knock back a pint (or two).
Poor Dan was morose. His hopes had been dashed
And his evening had turned out a mess.
But – patience, my friends
That’s not where this ends
For the barman had spied his distress.
So Dan and his mate were enjoying their ales
When the door swung ajar with a clack.
The two lads stopped drinking
And just sat there blinking.
For Dan there was no looking back.
‘Now listen, old son,’ he said to our Dan,.
‘Don’t think she’s hooked up with another
They’ve been here before
And I know this for sure –
The guy she is with is her brother.’
For who should have entered The Old Oxford Blue
But a vision of pure delight,
A goddess with style
And a show-stopping smile
And he knew this was his lucky night.
Dan gasped with delight. Then he plucked from the air
A pen and a small memo book –
A man with a mission,
A burning ambition
To reach her by hook or by crook.
‘I’ll buy her a drink,’ said Dan to his mate
And he rose from his seat with all speed
But the goddess was smiling
In a way most beguiling
At a man she had gone there to meet.
He wrote down his number and scribbled a note
That declared his desire to woo her.
Then he sat very tense
In a state of suspense
While the barman delivered it to her.
Well I don’t have to tell you how this story ends
As you surely must know all the rest..
Sufficient to say
To Dan and Janae
We wish you the very best.
Wedding Day
On Your Wedding Day
June – and the swallow’s dip and dive
Are sketchings in the sky.
The air is whorled with the roam of the bee,
The dance of the damselfly.
And here are two hearts and a love that will surely
Grow as the years unfold;
Two hearts and a love with the promise
Of a story yet untold.
(Stock poem)
Mother of the Bride
Was it yesterday
I taught you how to walk,
watched those clockwork steps,
your baby feet make commas
in the sand; kissed
your injured knees, the salty sweetness
of the blood we share
silken on my lips?
Was it yesterday
I watched you blow a dandelion clock;
your windmill arms wind up the air
in play with ropes that thrashed
like fiery dragons’ tails; saw you
paddling through fields of tall blond grass;
your eyes outdance
the birthday candle flames?
Was it yesterday
I stood beside your bed, watched you
furled in deep blue miles of sleep,
touched your hair, traced
the outline of your cheek,
swallowed hard
and whispered prayers that ever since
have echoed down the years?
(Stock poem)
Mother of the Bride

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